Make online experiments interactive

LIONESS Lab is a free web-based platform for online interactive experiments. LIONESS (Live Interactive Online Experimental Server Software) experiments include standardized methods to deal with group formation, attrition and other challenges of online interactive experiments.


LIONESS Lab is an online tool to build interactive experiments

Easy and fast development

To speed up the developement process LIONESS Lab offers a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get environment to click together your LIONESS experiments. Just combine different elements to design the participants’ interface and add some javascript for calculations.

Live web-based interaction

LIONESS experiments included standardized methods which deal with matching, forming groups, reducing attrition and other problems which arise with online experiments. In contrast to other products the focus is on online live interaction within groups. LIONESS experiments do not have to be played with a strategy method, but participants get live feedback from others.

No installation needed

LIONESS Lab is hosted as a web-based plattform. So you just have to create an account and can directly start with designing and testing your LIONESS experiments. You can also download LIONESS experiments and run them on your own server.

Share your experiments

LIONESS experiments can be shared with other experimenters or co-authors. A growing repository of LIONESS experiments provides a good starting point for developing own experiments by modifying existing ones. Experiments can set to be private but after publication be shared with others for replication.

Combining 'real effort' with induced effort costs: the ball-catching task.

Gächter, S., L. Huang and M. Sefton (2016). Experimental Economics 19.

Conducting interactive experiments online.

Aréchar, A., S. Gächter and L. Molleman (2017). Experimental Economics (forthcoming). Download the software used in this paper here.

Bonus versus penalty: how robust are the effects of contract framing?

Bonus versus penalty: how robust are the effects of contract framing? Journal of the Economic Science Association (forthcoming).

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About us

LIONESS Lab is provided by a team of the University of Nottingham (UK) and the University of Passau (Germany).

Dr. Marcus Giamattei

Co-Founder and Programmer

Dr. Lucas Molleman

Co-Founder and Programmer

Jose Guinot Saporta

Support at University of Nottingham

Prof. Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff


Prof. Dr. Simon Gächter


Dr. Antonio Alonso Arechar


Latest News

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New LIONESS Lab overview page

Posted By Marcus Giamattei

We are happy to have moved our first page to the Nottingham server which gives an overview over the LIONESS Lab Project.

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  • 5 months ago
LIONESS Lab runs as a beta version 1.0.